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Top 5 Interior Decor Items Inspired By Indian Culture

Indian art is a legacy of enriched expression and traditional finesse. It is sought after by people from across the globe!

In the field of Interior Designing, the relevance of Indian arts is remarkable. Indian arts and crafts connect you to the core of its culture.

These seemingly simple artworks often made with natural materials like wood and clay, is rich in creativity and is intricately explored in any Interior Designing course. Even the simplest artwork is a testimony of India’s creative superiority.

If you learn interior decor in courses for Interior Designing, you are sure to learn about Indian artefacts. Here are some famous interior decor types that are inspired by Indian culture.


Handicrafts reflect the soul of the nation. It includes wooden works like carved furniture, ivory work for figurines and tribal carvings on utensils and statuettes.

Coir-made Articles

The interior decor industry is largely made of the coir articles. It is used to make doormats and decor pieces. It carries the mark of India’s ‘green’ culture.

Leather Works

Leather products from India are famous worldwide. Classy upholstery is a perfect example of this.

Jute Products

Like coir, jute is also used to make interior decor products. These include mats, rugs, blinds and baskets.


Silver materials like brassware present a rich collection of interior decor items like artistic vessels, decorative figurines and shields.

These decor pieces have the authentic Indian flavour. So which of these are you going to choose for your interiors? If you are not sure, join Hamstech’s Interior Design Course and choose the best for your house.


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